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Time-Line computer Archive Ltd is a not for profit company, our aim is to collect, restore and exhibit all types of early computers and electronics.

We hope that our website will give an insight to the development of computing and will help give inspiration to other people to collect rather than throw out historical electronics.

We also would like to make a record of peoples experiences of early Computing and Electronics primarily from Scotland and the North of England but also from Great Britain generally. If you have any Experiences of early computing or Electronics please don't hesitate to contact us.

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The 1300 series was a joint venture between ICT, based in Putney and GEC telephones based in Coventry. GEC provided the electronics and ICT the peripherals.   A jointly owned design company was set up, Computer Developments Ltd of Kenton, Middlesex. “Arthurs” serial number is 075, this dates him to the early 60's.

We know  “Arthur” was used by ICT itself, they ran a “bureau service for  customers,  then to the  Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society to join “Samantha”  another ICT 1301 LVFS were already operating.


“Arthurs” specifications:


Architecture : 4 bit parallel by 12 digit serial. Decimal and £sd arithmetic.

Clock speed: 1 million cycles per second

Main memory: 2,000 words of 48 bits.

Tape storage: Five magnetic tape drives operating at 75 inches per second.

Data is recorded at 300bits per inch on ten tracks, four inverse data tracks and two parity tracks. This allows single bit errors to be both detected and corrected.

Line printer: 120 column, 600 line per minute printer with 50 different characters.

Card reader:  80 column cards, 600 cards per minute.

Card punch: 80 column cards, 100 cards per minute.

Drum storage: 12,000 words of 48 bits.


I Would like to thank Roger Holmes owner of “Flossie”, currently the last working ICT 1301” for proving the information and specification's of “Arthur”.



ICT1301 ICT1301_control_panel_card_reader ICT1301_core_memory_store ICT1301_drum_storage_unit ICT1301_magnetic_tape_unit