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Time-Line computer Archive Ltd is a not for profit company, our aim is to collect, restore and exhibit all types of early computers and electronics.

We hope that our website will give an insight to the development of computing and will help give inspiration to other people to collect rather than throw out historical electronics.

We also would like to make a record of peoples experiences of early Computing and Electronics primarily from Scotland and the North of England but also from Great Britain generally. If you have any Experiences of early computing or Electronics please don't hesitate to contact us.

IBM 1620

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IBM 1620




IBM 1620 processor board

The Museums IBM dates to March 1961, it was used to provide

Education and research in the field of computer science.

The IBM 1620 was first introduced in 1959, a second generation

computer, it has transistorised circuitry.

The Model 1's Internal processing speeds was 20 microseconds and

it has core storage of up to 20,000 digits, extended by use of a

IBM 1623 Storage Unit (40,000 digits)



Programs could be Imputed through Punched cards, paper tape and

keyboard, however this particular unit does not have a card reader.

Output via paper tape and printer.

It used a variable word length decimal, as opposed to fixed word

length in binary.



IBM 1620 Reference Card











FORTRAN Subroutine print out






FORTRAN Paper Tapes & Manual
















GOTRAN Processor Tape & Manual