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Time-Line computer Archive Ltd is a not for profit company, our aim is to collect, restore and exhibit all types of early computers and electronics.

We hope that our website will give an insight to the development of computing and will help give inspiration to other people to collect rather than throw out historical electronics.

We also would like to make a record of peoples experiences of early Computing and Electronics primarily from Scotland and the North of England but also from Great Britain generally. If you have any Experiences of early computing or Electronics please don't hesitate to contact us.

Intel 8008 & CP 9000 Computer

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Intel 8008 Development System & 8008 computer

Kindly Donated by Bryan and Anthony Lonsdale

"Sensor Technology Ltd














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These Development System boards were purchased by “Static Devices Ltd” back

in 1973 and used to develop and create a computer control system “ CP-9000”.

The SIM 8-01 system was first introduced in 1972, it was the first use of the 8 bit

Intel 8008 central processing unit.

We have only just recently managed to get the MCB8-10 control chassis to make the system complete.

Intel SIM8-01 8008 CPU Intel MP7-03 PROM Programmer











Static Devices Ltd CP 9000 Computer

The CP 9000 was a computer designed by “Static Devices Ltd, Banbury” back in the 70s, it was

designed to control a waste coffee processing plant, a product used in the farm foods industry.

The computer was used predominately for integrating multiple conveyor systems

(as many as 50 at one time).

The systems machine code could be manually in-putted via a control panel and also through

ASR33 Teletype paper tape.


Whilst the system worked well, it was only used for about two years as it was found that it required

constant vigilance with regards to any changes made to the conveyor systems layout and also

the complexity and time involved for reprogramming in machine code.

The Intel 8008 was soon superseded by more user friendly CPU's , such as the Intel 8080 and

the Mos 6502, consequently this 8008 system was taken out and replaced.


The system below is the prototype computer used to prove the system was viable.











Computer Control Panel                            Prototype Processor Board











Intel 8008 CPU                                Intel 1101 256-bit static RAM










We are not sure if any other UK based company’s designed and built a computer system

around the Intel 4004 or 8008 CPU's .

We would love to have your views on this ?